Finishing and Repair Services

Seaming, blocking, sewing buttons, fixing moth holes, pet damage and wear. Hand knits only, no ready to wear garments.

Quotes are based on the detail and complexity of the work. 

There is no cost for consultation and a quote. In person consultations available at The Local Yarn Store, South Orange NJ. Reach out via Instagram DM or Facebook messages to Gretchen Knits or email to Gretchen (at) gretchenknits (dot) com.

Finishing and Blocking: 

Seaming, weaving in ends (more than 6-8 per project will incur a fee), sewing on buttons, includes blocking. Minimum fee: $30.

Minimum quote for blocking only is $20. Larger projects and those that require substantial pinning will incur a higher quote.


Moth holes, snags, worn elbows and frayed cuffs can all be repaired. 

Fine gauge, very dark colors, textured stitches such as lace and cables, and colorwork are all more complex to repair, so expect a higher quote. All items must be clean and moth free. If any of the original yarn is available please bring that along with the item to be mended.

Before and after, repair of hole in sleeve.

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